Climate-Proofing Blue Mussels

An $800,000 initiative that is predicted to double the production and economic impact of industry that already accounts for $60?million in direct economic growth;
employs 1,500 Islanders and pays $11?million in salaries.
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Applying genomics to the world’s biggest challenges.

Genomics provides in-depth knowledge of every living thing. These insights n lead to solutions for food production, sustainable energy and resource extraction, human disease, and healthy oceans and other natural habitats.

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Sampling the Sea

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“ By using genomics tools, we expect to increase sales by $18 million a year and add 40 jobs. ”

Dr Keng Pee Ang, Cooke Aquaculture Inc.

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Genome Atlantic is a not-for-profit corporation that helps Atlantic nada reap the economic and social benefits of genomics in agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries, energy, mining, the environment, forestry, and human health. Partnering with industry, government, ademia and research institutions, Genome Atlantic?has enabled over $90 million in genomics R&D throughout Atlantic nada. LEARN MORE